Breaking Down Barriers

Manchester Lifestyle Blogger overcomes her fear of Public Speaking at the Public Speakers University..

Vision Boarding… WHAT NEXT?

Manchester Lifestyle Blogger shares some Vision Boarding Tips in an infographic and follow up series of blog posts over the next 7 weeks….

Stressful Times. Empowering Lessons.

Originally posted on Thriving Under Pressure:
 Question your stress. It has a lesson for you. 1/ Identify a stressor / challenge in your life. Be specific. For example: Not enough money. Too busy. Lack of sleep. Pushy relative. Your Answer: ______________________________ 2/ What is this stressor / challenge trying to teach you? For Example: Slow…

Have You Found Your Ace Yet?

Manchester Lifestyle Blogger throws her hand of cards in the air, gives them a shuffle and deals herself a new hand!

How To Find The Power To Achieve?

Manchester Lifestyle Blogger found her ‘Power To Achieve’ at the London Hilton Metropole Hotel and shares some of her discoveries…