How Does Your Auto-Biography Read Today?


If you sat down and wrote your auto-biography today what would it say about your life so far?

How does your auto-biography read today? Is your Life Book a New York Times Best Seller or an Epic Tragedy? The choice is always yours. You hold the pen to create the life you choose and the way you think determines the life you will experience.

If you’re not experiencing a Brilliant Life then it’s time to start getting creative. Change the words on the page of your Life Book. Simply take out a new colour pen and start writing.

Do you have a Vision?

It yes – Brilliant – you’re already on the right track. If not, this is the essential first step. If you don’t have any idea where you’re heading and you’re leaving life to chance then the chances of you stepping on the path to nowhere is highly likely… Welcome to the World of Crap!

I once wrote a poem – In my last September what will I remember.. None of us would surely choose to look back on a life full of regret would we? Yet from personal experience, I’m very conscious of how quickly the years have passed and I do have regrets about things I haven’t done.. or even things I have done that I wish I hadn’t!

Take control and unleash Brilliance Within YOUR Life Today!

It’s NEVER too Late to Write New Chapters

What I’ve realised however, is that once we recognise that we’re creating our destiny and we accept that we can choose to write some new chapters, our lives really can change dramatically! We don’t have to continue on the Crappy Path. We always have choices and we can choose to follow a new direction and do new things. It all starts with our thoughts.

What we Focus on Is what we Experience. So, If you’re not experiencing a great life then it’s time to change your thoughts.

Yes – I can hear you shouting!

If you’re shouting back at me with all those negative blocks then it’s time to learn some new techniques.

If you’re still shouting “I can’t change because….”

  • I’ve got no money
  • I’ve been this way all my life
  • I haven’t got the confidence to do it
  • My family would hate me
  • I have to stay in this job I hate because I need the income

The truth is you can always choose to think and live differently. The first step is having a Vision and some Goals. Once you are clear about what you’d love your life to look like and you start to set some clear step by step goals and then take some action to move you in the new direction, then it’s possible to move around all the blocks and barriers in your path.

If you’re still feeling that you can’t make any changes and your destiny is already fixed in stone then you may want to start challenging yourself to think differently.

I went for a number of years knowing that I wasn’t on my ‘right’ path but I hadn’t got a clue what my ‘right’ path actually was. My Life Book wasn’t reading well! Taking the time to sit down and create my first Vision Board was a life changing moment. I simply stuck on the poster, the pictures and words I cam across in a bundle of magazines that gave me a good feeling inside. I spent a few hours creating a new Vision for my life and at the end, I stepped back and realised for the first time in a long time, that it was possible to DREAM.

I’m 58 years old and I’m still learning along my journey. I recognise that I still have some blocks to overcome but I’m giving it a damn good try to climb over them or move around them… I’m absolutely determined to look back on my life in my Last September… with a smile not a frown… How about you?

What we focus on is what we start to experience. The power of our minds is limitless. We set our own limitations. If you feel you’ve got some blocks then it’s time to challenge some old and outdated beliefs that are clearly holding you back!

What New Chapters Could You Be Writing in YOUR Life Book?

Make Your Biography a BLOCKBUSTER!


  1. January 21, 2019 / 7:09 am

    Oh, I love this Wendy, very motivating! I think my story is a bit of an epic read, it was a bit slow in the middle but it’s picking up speed again. And I have to say, I’m loving it! Here’s to being the hero and the star of our own storybook!! xx 😊

    • Wendy
      January 21, 2019 / 11:13 pm

      Absolutely Miri!!! We should aim for the ‘spin off’ blockbuster movie! I’m glad you’re ‘speeding up’ – me too… (well taking some steps in a better direction but not quite running yet).. xx

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