What Do You Believe You Deserve?


In the words of the very inspirational Wayne Dyer:

“Believe in a friendly Universe, that co-operates with you and you’ll look for evidence that the Universe really is co-operating with you”
What do you believe you deserve?

If you truly believe that the Universe is working for you, you’ll begin to notice the signs that are being sent, that let you know that you really are on the right path. So often, we ignore the signs over and over again, until they eveWhat do you believe you deserve?ntually slap us hard across the face!

I read somewhere recently, that energy flows in to what we focus our attention on. When we focus our attention on what we want to see in our World and we believe that this can happen, ultimately it will. This works whether or not we’re focussing on what we want to have or what we don’t want to have – either way, we’ll get ‘it’. It’s important therefore to be conscious of your thoughts and language, in order to ensure that you’re sending out the right message.

We live in an impatient world and we’ve come to expect instant results, with minimal effort.
  • The Laws of the Universe don’t work to our expected timescale and will deliver the right messages, people, things etc. when the time is right.
  • Although we can’t control when we’ll experience magic in our lives, if we keep our focus and keep taking action toward our end goal, we will get to the destination at the right time.
  • Holding our focus is easier when we’ve really developed our focus on what it is we want.

However, we really can’t control the timing of what we’ll receive, from the energy that we put out to the Universe. No matter how long it takes, if we keep our attention on what it is we want to see, we will eventually experience it in reality. I wrote previously about how this often happens unexpectedly and that sometimes we have to lose things or let them go, in order to create space for other things to enter our lives.

You may have created a Dream Vision Board (if you have – brilliant and if you haven’t – I really would encourage you to!), but fewer people have created their Focus Vision Board. A Focus Vision Board, enables us to take a particular dream/goal and to focus on it, in much more specific detail. You can read more about how to create a Focus Vision Board here:    5 Steps to Create Your ‘Focus’ Vision Board. Having a clear visual image of what we want to see in our life, utilises the power of our imagination. All the incredible things we currently have in our World, were originally derived from the power of someone’s imagination! Vision Boarding helps us keep our focus and not to be distracted from our dreams, either from our own doubts and fears or from the doubting Thomas’s and the naysayers that appear in our lives, when we start to make changes and work toward new goals and dreams.

Have you ever had an clutter drawer (or room), that you fill up with junk and even though deep down, you know you’ll never use the stuff in there, you still hold onto it?

Or is that just me?

One day, you look at the drawer, you rummage through it and realise that it’s just wasting time and energy for you,  because you can never find what it is you want in there anyway!

So – you make a concerted effort to clear it out and throw the rubbish away.

How much better do you feel?

  • I know I always feel like a weight has lifted.
  • This release of negative energy, definitely makes way for positive energy and it’s the same with our lives.

If we let go of the baggage, that we often hold onto for years – the old beliefs about ourselves and others, the naysayers in our lives etc. then we’re creating space for something much more positive to emerge for us.

Focussing our attention on what it is we truly desire and then sticking to our dream, even when we think it will never happen, is one of the greatest keys to success.

So many of us give up on our dreams, because we expect instant results and if we’d just persevered for longer, we may have achieved them. What if we’re giving up when we’re within a few feet of the summit? Maybe we just need that extra bit of effort and a last little push to achieve our dream.

Having clarity on what it is we want in our lives is the first step in our journey but taking action, looking out for signs that we’re on the right path and then sticking to the path, regardless of what obstacles appear, are the real keys to unlocking the life we dream of.

Are you holding on to any old baggage? If so, leave me a comment below and add your name and email to the sign up box and I’ll send you out the Change Your Life Step by Step guide, which has some great tools and tips to help identify what changes to focus on, what your dreams are and to help you clear out some of your ‘life junk’..

In the video clip below, Wayne Dyer introduces us to some amazing people, who’s stories are truly inspiring. I warn you that this is a fairly long video – 2 hours+, but if you want to be inspired to make changes in your life, this is well worth watching from beginning to end. It certainly bought a few tears to my eyes and helped me view some things in life, from a different perspective.

Make some time to be inspired – who knows where it will lead you!

“What I desire which is aligned with Spirit, is on it’s way” – Wayne Dyer

Personally, I’m aligning my Spirit with Peace for our World – what about you?





    • Wendy
      November 12, 2017 / 8:25 am

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Cheryl! xx

  1. November 9, 2017 / 10:38 am

    Oh, I love this post. I so believe in our thoughts creating our reality. Wayne Dyer was such an inspirational man. Can’t wait to set aside the time to watch this Wendy. Thank you for another wonderfully motivating post. xo

    • Wendy
      November 9, 2017 / 5:32 pm

      Thanks Miri – yes he was amazing and this is definitely worth spending some time to listen to. I put it on over a couple of mornings while I was getting ready.. xx

      • November 9, 2017 / 8:10 pm

        Yes, I definitely will. Just have to find the right time. xo

        • Wendy
          November 10, 2017 / 7:31 am

          brilliant xx

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