Xmas Giveaway & Poem: Day 16

Xmas Giveaway & Poem: Day 16

Day 16 Reveal comes with my little Xmas Poem….


The Sounds Of Christmas… 

Christmas comes but once a year

So open your hearts and never fear

for the magic of the season is all around

just quietly listen and you’ll hear the sounds….

Like the children’s angelic voices, at the Nativity ringing out

as we watch with a smile….. that’s what Xmas is about..

Or the “Mmmmm…Yummmm” sigh

at the taste of this festive first mince pie.

There are lots of furtive glances and whispers..

As plans are made for wonderful ‘Santa’s’ surprises,

followed by delightful Xmas Day laughter and squeals,

as wrapping paper rips and Santa’s gifts are revealed.

Then later in the day, lots of noisy ‘chitter chatter’

As family and friends gather, for that long awaited natter..

And around the festive table, Xmas Crackers bang and pop

and ‘special’ wine is poured …. of course I never touch a drop!

Then silence for a moment as Xmas Dinner ceremoniously appears

And the clatter of knives and forks on plates wipe away mum’s fears,

that the Festive Turkey would be undercooked,

Or that something important had been overlooked….

And finally, the gentle snore of the post dinner slumber

And a gentle admonishment for over excited kids in lumber….

And last but not least, those special Xmas songs bring a tear,

Reminding us of loved ones who are no long here…

So listen with joy to those wonderful Xmas Sounds

And then continue loving and giving all year round

Continuing the magic of Xmas with an Open Heart,

Who knows….Maybe your ‘gift’ will help create a new start…

So that’s my poem for today… Enjoy a magical Xmas and continue to feel and spread that joy into 2017!

And now for my Day 16 Xmas Advent Giveaway….


What’s this lovely little ‘beauty box’ going to reveal today to help me spread a little bit of joy?…..

 Oh WOW!!!

How fabulous.. Now at Age 56, this Manchester Lifestyle Blogger could definitely do with some of this.. whoever wins this little wonder, I’d love to have some feedback on whether it makes a difference so I can go and buy some more for myself… Particularly after my recent … Makeup: DIY Disaster – Beware this contains unpleasant images!

Although.. as a footnote to the DIY Disaster, I’m sure it’s been like a CHEMICAL PEEL as my ‘Laughter Lines’…… OK I know what you’re thinking and yes they are….. WRINKLES… do seem to have reduced!!! Try it at your own risk though…

Have a fabulous day and spread some joy!





    • December 16, 2016 / 6:43 pm

      Thank you so much! xx

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