How To Cover Rosacea: Manchester Lifestyle Bloggers ‘Makeup Monday’ Tips

How To Cover Rosacea: Manchester Lifestyle Bloggers ‘Makeup Monday’ Tips

I suffer with Rosacea which I first noticed when I was in my late 30’s. Rosacea causes additional ‘redness’ on the skin – often around the nose and cheek areas although it can affect other areas as well. In the early days I was prescribed antibiotics to control any ‘acne’ flare ups although as the years have passed, this has become much less of an issue. I am however left with red ‘thread veins’, particularly on my cheeks which can make me look quite flushed. This is My cheek – not pretty – so THANK GOODNESS FOR MAKEUP!!!


As you can see, I need a foundation that offers good and LASTING coverage and over the years, I’ve spent a fortune in my quest for the perfect foundation! I’ve tried many different expensive and cheap brands… indeed I could probably set up a shop with my half empty bottles!

On second thoughts…….. I’m not sure anybody would really want to purchase cloggy bottles of half used foundation – what do you think? Maybe it’s time for a trip to the tip!

When mineral powder foundations hit the market a few years ago, I tried several different brands and found that most mineral powders worked more effectively than the liquid foundations I’d been using previously, to cover my redness.

Mineral Powder generally provided good coverage and yet feels light on the skin. For a couple of years, I stuck with the Bare Minerals foundation powder and I liked being able to build coverage on my cheeks without it looking too heavy. Unfortunately though, I found that by lunchtime, the redness would be shining through, which as you’ve seen from the picture above, really isn’t a ‘good look’!

In my mission to try and find something that would last beyond lunch, I eventually settled on the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation. It comes in a loose powder form, which is what I’d use when getting ready at the start of the day, but also comes in a pressed compact which was great to carry in my handbook for a quick top up if required.

On my skin, which has an oily T zone, the Laura Mercier powder, had better lasting power than the Bare Minerals, although it often still required a top up using the pressed powder compact later in the day….

I also learned, that to apply the mineral powder straight onto moisturised skin with no base primer is not great! I found that the Laura Mercier Mineral Primer worked well. Sadly though this was recently discontinued and the alternative didn’t feel as effective.

Time For A Change…

As the saying goes: “A change is as good as a rest”

I’ve been conscious over the last year that as my skin is ageing and more ‘wrinkles’ are appearing (although I prefer to call them my ‘laughter lines’….), that the powder foundation may not be the best long term option for my ‘older’ skin. As the Laura Mercier mineral primer had been discontinued, this added to a growing sense that it was time for a change…


I set off on a mission to find a ‘liquid’ alternative which doesn’t feel too heavy and gives a more ‘dewy’ appearance to my creping skin (yikes – another bad picture.. sorry!)

It’s cost me a small fortune in wasted products, which haven’t done as they claimed on the bottle and I kept returning to the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder…until I realised that:…

Tip: Most makeup counters have little bottles that they will fill with ‘sample foundations’ or foundation sachets that you can take away and try at home before investing in the full pot only to find out it’s not what you need.. which I did on numerous occasions!

After a fair bit of trial and error, I’ve now hit upon a great combination which seems to work really well on my skin. It doesn’t feel heavy and has great staying power – much better than the mineral powder!

Daily Routine To Cover My Rosacea

I’d read quite a few reviews about the great ‘staying power’ of Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation, but also heard a few people complaining that it felt too heavy. The ladies on both the Laura Mercier and Estee Lauder Makeup counters at my favourite John Lewis store in Cheadle,  have always been really helpful (no affiliations or payments to say this… haha!) and they’ve offered lots of great advice, which has led me to a combination of products, which is proving really effective for my daily makeup routine as follows:

  • Cleanse and Moisturise skin – allowing moisturiser to soak in for a few minutes before applying a foundation primer (I’m still on the hunt for the best primer…maybe a future post!) I’m currently using a Laura Mercier Primer which works better with the liquid foundation than it did with the mineral powder…
  • I then use the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser to provide a colour base light coverage to give me a light base coat to build upon in the areas of redness on my cheeks and nose. The tinted moisturiser is really easy to apply and I just use my hands to rub this product onto my skin, blending it down over my neck line.
  • If I’m not in a rush, I allow these products to settle for a few minutes onto my skin.
  •  I put a blob of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation onto the back of my hand (about the size of a 10 pence piece (sorry not sure what the equivalent would be in other countries.. ).
  • Using a ‘stipple brush’ I place the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation over my cheeks and T-zone then blend it out to provide a very light coverage over the other areas of my face. I use circular and sweeping motions with the brush to give a smooth finish. The stipple brush stops the foundation going ‘cloggy’ on my skin and allows me to build up a bit of extra cover in the reddest areas.
  • Whilst the foundation is settling, I do my eye makeup (I’ve seen a lot of people recommend doing their eye makeup before their foundation but hey ho.. this works for my morning routine and means I can complete the makeup very quickly.
  • I then add my blusher (currently using Laura Mercier bronzer and blusher) and a very conservative swipe of highlighter powder over my cheek bones and down the centre of my nose (literally only a tiny hint or it looks ridiculous on me..).
  • With a large powder brush, I use a Bobbi Brown pressed finishing powder to set the makeup.
  • Obviously the makeup is never complete without adding ‘eyebrows’ and some lip colour…

How Important Are Your Eyebrows?

How Do You Like My New Red Lipstick?

Using this routine, I can complete my makeup in about 10 minutes and it lasts all day without me having to top the foundation up and I have no doubt that you’ll agree that the difference taking that 10 minutes makes is definitely worth it!!

If I was going out straight from work, in the evening, I can refresh the makeup without having to start from scratch using the stipple brush and a little bit more of the Double Wear foundation.


Budget Alternative: When I went camping recently, I forgot to take my foundation with me and purchased a really cheap alternative which cost me less than £5.00 and actually works really well. It’s called Essence Camouflage Powder Compact Foundation.

I didn’t have high hopes for this makeup with it being so cheap and purchased it as a last resort as I CANNOT Manage without foundation – It would be my 1 luxury item to take if I ever went (not likely) on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ which started a new series here in the UK yesterday.

I can’t actually remember which ‘budget store’ I purchased this foundation from, which is a shame as it works brilliantly for the price and does disguise my rosacea!

It also works as a light finishing powder to blot down any oily patches. I thought it would be pretty ineffective so I was pleasantly surprised at the result. I use the stipple brush with the powder,  to avoid any clogginess.

So – if anyone is struggling to afford the Estee Lauder Double Wear or the Laura Mercier mineral powder, I can recommend this product as a cheap alternative which does provide good coverage – it will need topping up more than the double wear through the day though..

Since using the combination of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, together with the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, I’ve actually received a few compliments about my skin, which is definitely a first!

I would add here that I have also been following a much healthier eating regime and alongside the ‘low carb’ diet, I drink a lot more water and water with fresh lemon juice which I think has also helped my skin to look noticeably better. Photo above was pre-healthy eating regime when I’d had a particularly ‘rosy’ flare up – thankfully it’s not that bad all the time.

I accept the compliments with good grace and smile, with a sigh of relief, that unlike my poor hubby, they don’t have to see my ‘bare faced look’ first thing in the morning!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear whether you’ve found any products that you think work well to help Rosacea? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below…








  1. November 16, 2016 / 10:38 pm

    You look beautiful! I used to use LM’s mineral foundation. I agree with you 100% about powder foundations are not very great for mature skin as they accentuate lines. That was the reason why I gave up using it. Now, I use Nars sheet grow liquid foundation with Nars light optimising primer and powder. This primer is really amazing as it makes my skin look healthy and the make up last even after a sweaty workout session!

    • November 16, 2016 / 10:46 pm

      Thanks so much! That sounds like a great primer.. I’m looking for an alternative so will definitely give this one a try!! VERY much appreciated! xx

  2. November 15, 2016 / 8:06 am

    Wendy, interesting post on rosacae …i dont suffer from that ..but occassional spot -annoying. I have never used foundation but sometimes have tried but dont like it on my skin.

    Anyway i love masks but oh man i am lazy.. especially to do a tumeric mask home made. It is tge best mark i feel to heal my skin and i even use on my hands. But not sure if rosacae and mask are a goog combo?

    Any you take some natutal yogart,gram flour and a tiny amount of tumermic powder or a little more. Make a paste and leave on 10 -15 mins. Tumeric stains so can all be wasted out. But the face feels great… but i dont do it weekly may be one a month ..but i am lazy probably only did it once in 2016.. but omg it great. But i think any mask is goid for drawing out impurities from the skin.. and then good face creams

    Then can wear less make up.. wear i work it is not coil to be loaded with make up.. but i am lazy and like my skin breathe..

    Biut who doesnt love make up. Btw your make up skills are good ..really nicely covered up.. and flawless not cakie…

    • November 15, 2016 / 8:25 am

      Thanks Bella – You are very lucky not having to wear make up and that turmeric mask sounds really good.. I have to go for cooling products though so I’m not sure it would be good for the Rosacea – I’ll do some digging around.. Thanks for the feedback on the coverage.. I’ve got a lot better over the years and am able to just get the extra cover where I need it rather than having it too heavy everywhere..
      Much appreciated xx

      • November 15, 2016 / 8:32 am

        Oh thats interesting… i am lazy ..there are times i need help of make up.. may be because i am not good with it. But man i keep getting spots thats why i think i love mask the dry then up quick.. but lazy lazy i am. I burnt my self the other day with hair straightener on my face. Eek hopefully wont be a big scar. I got a new straighter not a gets a bit too hot.. thanks for tip on coverage only where needed. Problem with me is i cant get it be natural and i have a few dark spots …ahhh… my skin isnt great

        • November 15, 2016 / 8:42 am

          Use a primer first and maybe try the mineral powder – I really liked it because it does just ‘blend out’ any imperfections and is really easy to apply.. You just use a circular motion with the brush. I’ve only swapped because I got a fixation that it may start to look dry on my skin as it ages… With the mineral powder, even a small amount goes a long way in evening tone and then if you have a spot you just go over that area a little bit more.. You can buy cheaper versions which are quite good maybe to give it a ‘trial’. However, if you’re happy not wearing it then that’s brilliant.. I don’t have the confidence to go out ‘bare skinned’..x

          • November 15, 2016 / 9:23 am

            Thanks will try that. .i find my skin feels a bit horrible if i have too much stuff on.. but this sounds light and up my street will try.. good day

          • November 15, 2016 / 6:34 pm

            Fabulous – you can’t even tell you’ve got anything on with the mineral powder so hope you like it! … don’t forget to put some primer on first though.. x

          • November 15, 2016 / 7:13 pm


        • November 15, 2016 / 8:43 am

          Yes – those would work better I think.. x

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