Foody Friday’s Food For Thought: How You Can ‘Make A Difference’ Today!

Foody Friday’s Food For Thought: How You Can ‘Make A Difference’ Today!

As we travel through life, we have ‘good times’ and ‘bad times’ – it’s inevitable!

Although as humans we often think we can ‘control’ nature and our lives, the power and force of nature sometimes rises up and slaps us back a peg or two, often when we least expect it.

It’s a bit like the weather and although weather forecasters have got more technology at their fingertips and have become more accurate with their forecasts over the last few years, when the ‘hurricane’ is looming, even they can’t predict exactly how the winds will blow and where the storm will hit, as we witnessed with the recent Hurricane Matthew..

We make plans for our lives only to find ourselves suddenly knocked off our feet with little or no warning…

At those times, we need our fellow ‘humans’ to ‘BE THERE’ for us to:

  • Offer kindness – a kind word and/or just a hug can make a big difference
  • Provide practical support and offer a helping hand
  • Offer emotional support – allowing someone to ‘off load’, truly listening to them…
  • Bring ‘hope’ that things can get better…

When there is a ‘National Disaster’, we often see the two opposite sides of human nature:

  1. The Good Side – Families, friends, neighbours, strangers, helping and supporting each other. We see reports on the news of amazing acts of kindness being shared and what a difference that kindness makes to those who have suffered…
  2. The Bad Side – When the dust settles, out come those who think it’s ok to ‘take advantage’ and ‘profit’ from the suffering of their fellow humans. We see them looting, stealing, arguing and fighting each other….

Fortunately the ‘Good’ usually outweighs ‘the Bad’ in these often tragic circumstances and our instinct to support our fellow humans is ignited…

However, in our everyday lives, we often rush along with our heads down and we either don’t notice or we choose to ignore the signs, that someone we pass along our route (family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or even strangers) is suffering their own ‘personal disaster’. We’re so busy dealing with the routine of our own life that it’s easier sometimes to rush on by with barely a second glance….

When we suffer a personal crisis in our lives, it is often those simple, small, thoughtful ‘acts of kindness’ that help us see some light at the end of the tunnel. It may be just:

  • someone stopping to ask if they’re ok..
  • bringing them a hot meal
  • listening to them
  • popping round to an elderly relative or neighbour, to bring a moment of human contact in their lonely day
  • sending some flowers
  • just some kind words in a card…

These things don’t take much time or effort – they are possible no matter how busy we are with our own lives…

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Those simple acts can make a MASSIVE and LONG LASTING difference as they remind someone they aren’t ‘alone’ and that someone has taken time to ‘Be There’.

It’s a bit like the Charles Dickens Christmas story of SCROUGE where Scrouge is given the opportunity to see into the lives of those around him…. I bet if we could see into the future and see the difference a small gesture of kindness might make to someone’s life, that we’d be compelled to offer that helping hand..

Have you ever thought “what difference can I make – it’s too big a problem”?….. and yet it may be just a genuine ‘smile’ as you pass by a stranger in the street, that lifts their mood and they in turn pat someone kindly on the back, who is inspired to send someone some flowers…. The Ripple Effect of a simple gesture can be far reaching and really make a difference.

Can you imagine if we all took just a moment to stop rushing and to take time to notice that someone is ‘struggling’ and then offer a simple kindness?

Would the World we are part of be a better place?

Our effort doesn’t have to be GIGANTIC, just that simple and small act of kindness could be the difference that brings a moment of light in someone’s darkest hour.. maybe even the difference between life and death… bringing a moment of hope that things may get better….

Is there someone you may pass today that if you gave them a simple smile, an offer of a helping hand, a kind word or a hug, may be all that is needed to lift them even for a moment and lets them know someone cares…

As humans we have a choice and I choose to ‘BE THERE’ for the sunny and the cloudy days…. How about you? 






    • October 23, 2016 / 9:42 am

      You’re very welcome and I’m delighted you enjoyed the post! xx

  1. October 21, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    Wendy, just read this could read at work. Ahh music to my ears. Ripple effect of kindness. I still try and do my good deed of the day but , crazy as ut sounds it is harder to do. But a week or so ago… at sainsbury’s again( no it not our fav.. but convient) old gentleman.. very old and weak was pmgoing for his trolley..pound at the ready and i knew he need help so waited to see if he could manage before i assisted. I did assist and was nice to make his day a little brighter. I dont always go head long into helping as sometimes people dont like it..

    Ripple effect…spread peace and love and do good.

    • October 21, 2016 / 9:52 pm

      How lovely you are Bella and what a light it would have given to that elderly gent… Now there are at least 2 of us spreading ripples..xx

  2. October 21, 2016 / 8:41 pm

    Simple gestures can make a huge difference, so very true!

    • October 21, 2016 / 9:53 pm

      They really can! Thanks for reading and commenting which is very much appreciated! xx

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