What Makes You Happy?

Originally posted on mommahealthblog:
The one question people should be asking instead of the same old question they ask when meeting somebody new, “what do you do for a living?” I think asking somebody what makes them happy opens up a whole new world of conversations and works as a great ice breaker if needed.…

Thought For Thursday

A reminder to enjoy the sweet people in your life and leave the sour ones for the slugs..

Do You Know What You Want?

Manchester Lifestyle Blogger shares some inspiration on how to gain clarity on what you want in your life..

Life After Death? A Heavenly Party…

September is a special month for me. I’m a Virgoan so it’s my birthday month and my mum and dad were also both Virgoans. It would have been my dad’s birthday on the 24th August and my mum’s on the 6th September. Strangely, my mum passed away on the 24th August 2013 – what would…

Thought for Thursday

Manchester Lifestyle Blogger’s message for Thursday …Believe You Can ….