Poem: Dare To Discover Brilliance Within

Poem: Dare To Discover Brilliance Within

Poem below – scroll down.. or take a minute first to think about how you develop your new relationships and whether you could be doing more to improve them… The rewards can be magnificent and life changing. I’d love to hear what you think – please leave me a comment..

New Relationships require time and energy which can be difficult in our fast paced world. We rush through our lives meeting lots of new people but miss so much because we fail to stop for a moment to discover more than what is on show on the outside. The rewards of spending a little more time when we meet someone new are immense.

When you meet someone new, how long does it take you to open up? Like the first rose of the season in my garden (photo’s below), do you wrap yourself tightly, hiding your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions? What gives you the confidence to begin opening up and to stop giving off the warning signals – “Keep Out”… (Or maybe using your phone as a distraction to cover your insecurity…..)

On the other hand, when you meet someone new, the questions you ask and how well you listen to the answers (put your phone away for a minute…) may determine how much of the Inner Beauty you will get the chance to discover. Building Trust is so important in any new relationship – helping to give someone the confidence to begin to open up and reveal some of the things about themselves, that you never imagined…

Then discovering the magic, the attraction and positive benefits of forming and sustaining a deeper friendship and reaping mutual rewards – those pearls of wisdom from each other that help us develop, learn and grow or maybe simply enjoying the fruits of our labour together and having a laugh with each other.. just like the rose in full bloom pollenated by the bee which stuck around long enough to discover the nectar deep within..

So – next time you meet someone new, take positive steps to shine your sunny rays with the questions you ask, inspire trust and confidence by really listening to the answers. Enjoy spending time discovering their inner brilliance, which is so often missed because we rush on with our lives and don’t stick around long enough to either reveal more about ourselves or to discover more about someone new in our lives.

Be the sun that warms those around you with your positive energy and the bee that sticks around as the rose petals unfurl and enters deep within to enjoy the nectar.

I hope you enjoy the photo’s of the first glorious rose of the season in our garden this year which became my inspiration for this poem….


Dare To Discover Brilliance Within

The first shy bud appears, petals tightly hiding,

True Inner Beauty buried deep within

Protective thorny branches keeping predators at bay,

“Dare to trespass” heard as branches sway…

Then suns warm rays shining, loving, coaxing

the velvety grip finally loosening.

Confidence growing as each petal unfurls

Cautiously opening to reveal it’s pearls


Confidence Growing Petals Unfurling

The sweet scented bloom truly glowing

Soft golden powder, tempting,

sweet honey nectar prize waiting

claimed by those who dare to venture in

and discover the true Brilliance Within…

Brilliance Within

Full Bloom – Dare to enter and discover the Brilliance Within


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