Peter Pan & Wendy Flying High

Peter Pan & Wendy Flying High

I believe I can fly


In this photograph, my beautiful granddaughter truly believed that she was Tinkerbell from the story Peter Pan & Wendy. You can see her absolute belief that she’s a real fairy, in the expression on her little face and she truly thought she could fly as seen in the fluttering of those tiny hands – A Magical Moment!

How wonderful that as children we can let our imagination take us wherever we want to go and yet how sad that once we start to go to school, our belief that we can fly starts to diminish and we bury our dreams deep inside as we try to ‘fit in’.

We are suppressed by our classmates in our early school years, quickly learning that it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. We are pigeonholed by our teachers who have the pressure of teaching larger and larger classes – it’s difficult to allow ‘individualism’ and to help each child learn in a unique way – particularly with the pressure of constant Government changes. Even our parents often want us to ‘fit in’…

So somewhere our dreams are quashed and our personality is manipulated and often suppressed. We continue to try and ‘fit in’ once we start work – we put on our ‘work face’ each day to reveal only the persona that we believe it is necessary to show, rather than revealing who we really are, for fear that we would draw negative attention to ourselves. We become like the hamster on the hamster’s wheel – running faster and faster, round and round and unable to stop….

So for many years, I’ve been the ‘people pleaser’ – trying to please my mum, my teachers, my colleagues, my bosses, always working harder and longer to meet the ever increasing demands and my childhood dreams long forgotten, my intuition ignored and clues that I may need to change overlooked many times…

Then suddenly there is a moment where something serious happens – a push too far, a health issue, a realisation as a giant spotlight shines down, illuminating the path you are travelling along. Suddenly you can’t ignore the clues any longer and you are driven to re-look at your map and face the realisation that you’re not on the path you would like to be on… It’s a scary moment….

However, such moments whilst having the capacity to push you to your limits, are often the moments that transport you to a new level in your life. These are the life changing moments that present new opportunities and even though initially you may feel terrible, those moments of extreme discomfort are the ones to recognise, cherish and embrace, as they kick you firmly onto a new path!

Now is the time to  discover your hidden pathway and begin to live the life of your dreams, allowing yourself to re-learn how to fly – just like Wendy did in Peter Pan….

Sometimes, those dreams and ambitions are buried so deep, it’s difficult to remember what they were. My post on creating your Dream Vision Board, can really help those long forgotten dreams re-surface and identify what makes you feel good in your life. How to Create a Dream Vision Board – Reveal your inner brilliance to the World!

I’m so inspired by this photo of my granddaughter and am taking time to remind myself about what’s important in my life and to re-grow my wings – I am named after one of the characters in Peter Pan after all!


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