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Sometimes it’s the most difficult moments in life that creates the opportunity and inspiration to do something different and sets us on a new pathway on our journey through life.

One of those moments for me came after the birth of my second son in the late 1980’s when I needed to start improving my income and developing my career. A job opportunity arose in the company I worked for and I knew I had all the relevant skills and experience to take the step up into a supervisory role – I consciously believed the job was mine for the taking…

However, when I arrived for the interview,  I unexpectedly suffered a major panic attack and having never experienced anything like this previously, I was unaware of what was happening and thought I may be having a heart attack. It was a horrible and very frightening experience.

Needless to say, that interview didn’t last very long as I could barely breathe and I certainly couldn’t speak to answer any of the interview questions – I can still see the shocked look on the interview panel members faces as my mouth opened and no sound came out!

I subsequently went on to experience the same thing in the following two interviews I attended and in each case, the panic attack was triggered as I placed my hand on the door handle of the interview room….

Following some initial research, I decided that Hypnotherapy was worth a try in my attempt to overcome the panic attacks and improve my opportunity to progress my career. I was proved correct – after 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, when I attended my next interview, I had no sign of a panic attack and I got the job!

Although the original panic attack I experienced was awful, it started me on an exciting new journey in business and personal development. Having experienced the success of the hypnotherapy sessions, I went on to qualify as a hypnotherapist myself and over the years, I have become increasingly fascinated in the power of the mind and how we develop habits and behaviours which limit our lives. Studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Dr Richard Bandler gave me further tools and techniques to add to my skills bank.

My study of Hypnotherapy and NLP over the last 20 years, have provided me with fascinating insight about how we can change long standing patterns of behaviour very quickly when we choose to do so…..


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