Inspired – New Beginnings – Day 3


New Healthy Lifestyle – start each day with a cocktail! (of the ‘fat’ busting kind of course – sparkling water, lemon, cucumber, grated ginger, fresh mint, strawberries)

A true friend has inspired me this week to take action and start exercising. First she dragged me along to the swimming pool where we swam 20 lengths together – my first real exercise in the last 9 months and then yesterday she took me on a cycle ride.

What she didn’t tell me is that the ride was going to be 10 MILES!!! She’s a great friend but clearly got a slightly sadistic streak – or maybe she just fancied a laugh… Trussed up in a cycle helmet and luminous jacket so I couldn’t possibly be missed, we set off on her regular cycle route around Manchester Airport.

This route normally takes her 50 minutes to complete – 2 hours later we arrived home. I can honestly say there were moments along the route that I thought I wouldn’t make it – panting, wheezing and legs quivering….. you get the picture…

I received a call from her later that evening: “Are you ok? – my husbands furious – told me I was a ‘bloody idiot’ and that I could’ve made you very ill cos your fat and you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes” – There are some messages that only great friends can deliver without offense being taken and she’s one of those friends…

I did survive and amazingly I’ve woken up this morning still able to stand up and feeling very pleased with myself. A great friend inspired me to do something I didn’t think I’d be able to do and it proves that with the right people in your life you can achieve amazing things!

So what did I give in return you may ask? Well, I made her laugh – what could be better than that…..



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